Wednesday, November 25, 2009

LAN FORMATIQUE • the sadness of distances

This past summer, Gavin Lees unveiled his brilliant second full length release, the sadness of distances on Force of Nature records. This release is by far some of his most reflective work to date that weaves a perfect state of nomadic rhythms balanced with sentimental string harmonies fused by heavy guitar progressions. Gavin's exploration of blissful ambient, idm genres to resurrected metal is very evident throughout this release. In addition, Gavin has collaborated with beloved vocalist Céline and some introspective thoughts by award-wining author Alasdair Gray on this journey. As a bonus, musicians–Subheim and Detritus, have put their remixes touches on a few tracks as well. While, I put the finishing touches on the artwork(click on panel above for more panels from original gatefold wallet design.)

This digital release is available currently for a very reasonable price! Rumor has it if you purchase soon enough, some bonus gifts will emerge later from the label and musician. Highly overlooked and highly recommended!